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From configuring, quoting and selling products to delivery and follow-up, Solatech and Disp
atch help you satisfy customers.

Solatech helps companies and industries that sell complex consumer products, with software for Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) and point of sale (POS). Their solutions are built on manufacturer-supported product databases, allowing their tools to configure, validate, price, sell and order products with a large array of variables, from multiple vendors who each define product attributes in their own complex ways. 

Solatech Helps Customers Take Back Time

Solatech’s systems help data flow seamlessly across the entire process, from capturing customer needs to placing orders. Their integration with us extends this efficiency from scheduling appointments and installs to billing and invoicing. 

Solatech Products for Retailers

Solatech provides a range of CPQ, POS and supporting software that can be configured for industries with demanding product needs. These include:

  • Solatech Configure, Price, Quote utilizes customizable proprietary databases to generate validated, accurately-priced quotes, sales contracts and purchase orders, which can be managed and transmitted online to vendors. Product configurations can be dynamically delivered to websites via the Solatech Product Engine Service (PES) API.
  • Solatech’s Dealer Ordering System is a white label, cloud-based POS and ordering system designed for dealer networks who want to work more efficiently and accurately, while allowing management to set and manage rules for the quoting and ordering process.
  • Solatech got it’s start in the world of window fashions, where extreme product complexity is the norm. They serve window fashion retailers with their enterprise application Solatech SalesPRO, as well as their cloud-based Solatech Focus, which is designed to run on simple tablets like the iPad®.