Create Stunning Customer Experiences

The Dispatch platform is everything you need as an insurance company to gain real-time visibility into your independent adjuster network and deliver a modern experience to your customers.


Independent Adjuster Management

Better manage your independent adjusters/appraisers by having complete visibility into the “last mile” of service. With Dispatch, you’ll get analytics about your independent network including:

  • Compliance rate
  • Time-to-schedule
  • Real-time status updates, and all valuable KPI data.

Customer Experience

Customers expect services to be transparent and simple. The Dispatch platform gives your customers the ability to receive:

  • Appointment reminders
  • IA’s ETA
  • Message by text
  • Pay online
  • Rate their experience

Powerful Insights

Have one dashboard to measure your entire 3rd-party network. Understand:

  • Average close rate
  • Length of service
  • On-time compliance
  • Communication touchpoints
  • Status updates
  • Survey response rates
  • Customer satisfaction scores
  • Services performed
  • Sales volume
  • NPS measurement, and much more.